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The whole purpose of doing a delegation in the DNS is to able to give administrative and technical control of part of the tree to any chosen nameservers. So, NO, you do not have to use the same nameservers, you are free to use any you want, as long of course as they are properly configured. Currently: $ dig NS +noall +ans ; <<>> ...


I think in general hosting providers don't verify that you actually own a domain before letting you instruct them and their nameservers to point it at your server or website. I've been able to do it at a hosting provider in the past. In most cases this is harmless, because either the owner of the domain set it up first (in which case your hosting provider ...


How did Digital Ocean verify I owned the domain I was adding to my server? Couldn't anyone do this? Could another customer have added my domain to their Digital Ocean account before I got around to it? Since none of the other answers have mentioned it: you probably had to tell your server which domain names to expect, but that does not actually cause those ...


Simple answer: They don't know, and they don't care, To make your website work, you need to point your domain to your droplet which you only can if you are the owner of that domain. If other person adds your domain on DO then they won't be able to point your domain to their droplet.

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