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The MusicRecording type does not define a suitable property for the track number. I think this makes sense, because a recording could be released on different records, possibly with a different track number. The MusicAlbum type allows to reference an ItemList in the track property. An ItemList can reference ListItem items (itemListElement property), and ...


In the US, there are statutory licenses that enable people who are doing broadcasting or streaming, to pay a flat fee for all the music they play. This is so they can avoid individual agreements with the thousands of musical artists they might want to air or stream. The Library of Congress set the minimum rate, under law, that you have to pay in the US for a ...


You can use HowTo schema. “How-to” snippets aim to provide step-by-step instructions directly in the SERPs for instruction-based queries. But before adding this schema, you need to add these instructions on your page. Example - Step 1 - C Major Chord (Open Position) Step 2 - C Major Chord (based on A major shape) Step 3 - C Major Chord (based on G major ...


One possibility is to use music licensed under the Creative Commons licenses. This music can be freely distributed as long as the various license terms (like attribution). There are several music communities that share and rate this music. Your site could be another one.


You could embed YouTube videos that have lyrics in them. Those that are run under VEVO or otherwise authorized by the artists themselves are unlikely to be pulled.

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