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Google Analytics provides a way to add a filename to any page path ending with a slash, in order to standardize data for pages that might be accessible with or without the filename. Look in Admin > View Settings for the Default Page field, right underneath time zone. An index.php in that field is your reason!


Using mod_alias: Redirect permanent /webpage or if you are using a recent version of Apache, you can redirect to relative URLs: Redirect permanent /webpage /webpage.txt You can also implement this with mod_rewrite: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule "^/?webpage$" "/webpage.txt" [R=301,L]

0 has the full details. To redirect to HTTPS, you need add a "Page Rule" for http://** with the "Always Use HTTPS" option from the settings. To redirect to www you need three "Page Rules":* ->$1* -> https://www....


I think you have two problems: You don't say your bye.php should redirect. Right now you have it specified as a rewrite rather than a redirect. You need to add [L,R] flags to it to get it to redirect. You don't need your slash rules at all anymore. Because you didn't specify "last" with the [L] flag, on your bye.php rule, the slash rules are also taking ...

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