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If you want to display ad units based on mobile vs desktop - you can try using CSS media query that sets display: none on the ad unit to hide it. So you always have 2 ad units, but for desktop (wide screens) you hide below-the-fold 300x250 unit while for mobile (narrow screens) you hide the 728x90 banner.


Rely on it for what, is the key question. If you want a simple reporting metric for a non-technical audience, this isn't it. The scoring system is fairly complex, as are the things it's trying to measure. In general, though, like any tool you have to invest some time to fully understand what it measures and how. There are a lot of reasons why Lighthouse ...


If there is a favicon, Firefox will display that. If there is no favicon FireFox, (and some other apps) does its best fill the space and chooses the first letter of the URL. In your screenshot, 2 Google pages have the Google favicon, it appears that none of the other sites have one hence the letter. To clarify for others, this is in the view of all open ...


There is nothing in Google's official documentation that would imply negative impact on SEO if mobile site contains slightly different content i.e. breadcrumb links from its desktop equivalent. If however you're using the structured data for Breadcrumb then Google does recommend keeping structured data the same between your mobile and desktop sites: https://...

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