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Structured data for FAQ page?

There is this: and these: + Which you can indeed use … and validate:
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Is there a representative logo for Structured Data which can be used on icons?

Semantic Web The W3C provides Semantic Web logos. Here are the versions without the W3C logo: (usage guidelines) But in my experience, these logos are used to represent the concept, they don’t ...
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Proper Microformats for a 1-100 and or a 1-10 rating

Google supports a wide range of ratingValues should it be 1-5, 1-6, 1-10 or even a 1000. You do however have to use bestRating since Google assumes 5 by default. It's very flexible and can even start ...
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1 vote

Which is better for SEO HTML tables vs un ordered lists

There is no advantage of using unordered lists vs tables for SEO purposes, as far as my research has led me to believe. On the other hand, since you are using list items to simulate table rows, I ...
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hEntry microformats tags within <meta class="entry-title>title</meta>

Google only wants you to mark up data that is visible to the user. See their Microformat quality guidelines: Markup should not be used to hide content not visible to users in any form, since it ...
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1 vote

How do you get ecommerce stuff into an organic listing?

@closetnoc appears to be right that these are not rich snippets but what are called featured snippets. These snippets appear to be transitory as the "eve mattress" featured snippets have been ...
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1 vote

Understanding hfeed

Got a website where hAtom feed is implemented correctly - with author, update, published - and a website where I have removed all hentry classes. I don't feel any difference, but seeing search console ...
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1 vote

What are the advantages of's Microdata vs. Microformats et al?

It's already 9 years ago.. but I found this thread online, so if I see it correctly, Microdata and RDFa has been superseded by Microformats 2 - which seems to be the "standard" nowadays..
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1 vote

Structured data for FAQ page?

As of end August 2017 the FAQPage type was added to It is a subtype of QAPage with the difference that each question has only one answer. In the spring of 2019 the feature was added to ...
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