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AdSense ad display in media queries

You should refer to google documentation on how to modify responsive ad code If you want to only show ads for certain screen sizes you can use CSS to accomplish this. The following example shows you ...
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Not Hiding but REMOVING content for mobile

There is a concept called RESS, originated in 2011 by Luke Wroblewski (who came up with the Mobile First design approach) which stands for: REsponsive design + Server Side components The idea above ...
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Is there a purpose for CSS media queries using mobile DPI resolution?

This might not be a real answer, just an opinion. Every web developer should decide if they "need" a feature. In my opinion, the unit itself is a bad implementation. DPI is a unit intended for ...
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How to avoid request of all images used for different devices using media query?

You wouldn't want to use CSS based media queries in any case because browsers will download all those images regardless if they are being shown or hidden. You can achieve what you want using either ...
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Should I split a large CSS media queries file into separate files for each screen size?

As @dalore mentioned in a comment, you might want to split the css by media query to reduce the amount of render blocking resource While it's not a download saver it is in a way. A browser will ...
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What are the most frequent viewport sizes to use in responsive design?

According to Statcounter those are currently (10.2022) the most used monitor sizes: 1920x1080 - 8.87% 1366x768 - 6.63% 360x800 - 5.91% 1536x864 - 4.09% 414x896 - 3.65% 390x844 - 3.6% Percents are an ...
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