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what does this means when trying to look up the domain name TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED?

First, ICANN is the organization overseeing all TLD management at the (IANA) root, so yes you can trust any * website. RDAP is a newer protocol, intended to replace Whois. It is basically ...
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Find Wordpress sites hosted by specific hosting provider

I think the only way would be to get a list of domains and then see what happens if you try to load - if the site uses WP it should be blank, if not there will be an error ...
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Is it possible to host just a filesystem instead of an HTML site?

Yes. Just don't use default index files for the server. In a typical apache server setup, the default files are normally index.html and index.htm and maybe index.php depending on how the server is ...
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Way to easily host web app from multiple locations

If you are asking if it is easy the answer is no. There are a wide range of providers out there that can do this but what you are in effect after is cloud service providers. I will answer based on my ...
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how to transfer an existing domain from gandi to godaddy?

If I understood correctly, you want to transfer .tech domain from to some other registrar who is not going to alter the prices over the period. Let me tell you the process of transfer of ...
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Is Apache hosting better for a WordPress site?

I don't know about compatibility between windows hosting and WordPress as I use neither of them. However from a performance point of view, I would imagine a Linux/Apache server would be better than an ...
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