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Google Business profile: Provides service at one location and mobile service to several zip-codes

Google provides an option to include a service area for hybrid businesses. Hybrid business: A business that serves customers at their business address, but also directly visits or delivers to ...
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How to target local SEO to one side of our city (a group of suburbs)?

To get more local visitors to your website you can consider the following points. (this is an example) Perform competition analysis + keyword analysis/research. Look what your competitors are doing ...
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Can a press release have a positive impact on website SEO in 2024?

Press release helps you to improve your brands, digital brand awareness. You can also receive "Dofollow" backlinks but most of the PR sites gives you "Nofollow" only. You can go ...
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Can I add the same content in the same language under 2 different subdomains?

Yes, you can technically do this, but it's usually not recommended due to potential duplicate content issues. Search engines may view them as competing and lower the rankings of both subdomains. If ...
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Google Business Profile Acquiring All Locations

If you own a business that you want to be verified on GMP Google My Profile you still can do that by following the verification process which every business has to follow. I don't get your first point ...
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SEO management in Google Search Console for a non-english version of a website

Search Console will look at all the URLs branching from the root. I'm not sure that adding a specific URL within the same domain would achieve anything.
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How to optimize SEO for landing pages that aggregate business types in a various cities?

Yelp and many other directory sites are probably using IP geolocation and then generating a URL based on that location. When Googlebot requests the site it will get the version based on its IP address,...
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