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I would like to disagree with @MaximillianLaumeister. UX can be achieved with simple javascript and IMHO is even better in case of accessibility (readers will not read entire block as link text). And as second disagreement with your answer I would like to remind, that link text is important in referral links and I can't believe that google will consider ...


<a class="example-class" [routerLink]="getRouteByName('example-route')"> Click Me </a> Will then look like this in your page source: <a _ngcontent-c[number]="" class="some-class" href="/some-route"> Click Me </a> That should be crawlable. See docs on Content ...


If href is populated on dom ready and its value is correct (e.g. when you copy it to the address bar, it shows the correct page), then you're good. You can also check if google crawls your site by parsing your access logs and seeing if there are request from google bot to pages with previous pages of your site in the referrer field. While on it, you may as ...


Check if you have { useHash: true } config in your Router configuration. If you do, just remove it, and that should solve the problem. Before: RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { useHash: true }); Now: RouterModule.forRoot(routes);

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