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These two methods of internal linking do the exact same thing, so I don't see any reason why Google would weight these differently. I've not seen any evidence of a difference for SEO. That said, the second method has the potential to exacerbate an already existing problem if you are not properly 301 redirecting http to https and non-www to www (or vice versa)...


I Think there is no big difference if you don't change the URLs and structure very often. For bigger pages like E-Commerce shops with a high intensity of changing URL structures root-relative URLs are better for the handling not for the SEO. It depends on the domain and the system


Providing you are already canonicalising the requested URL (eg. HTTPS and www subdomain etc.) and the base tag (if any) refers to the canonical URL then, in terms of SEO, it makes no difference whether you are using root-relative or absolute URLs in your HTML source. Any search engine spider must resolve partial URLs to be absolute, so ultimately there is no ...

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