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Screaming Frog reports internal links are unsafe cross-origin

Go to Security > Unsafe Cross-Origin Links report Go to one of the URLs or pages listed Right click mouse on "View Page Source" Ctrl + f Windowns or Command + f on Macs to search for &...
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When to use noreferrer in a link ? Am I using it correctly?

Here's the explanation regarding your queries. In my understanding this is wrong and damages the internal linking... I am not sure why the developer did this or maybe I am wrong and it is fine to use ...
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Use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance

Passive Listeners aren't a setting within your website or on your server, they're a feature within JavaScript that improves performance for touch scrolling or mouse-wheel scrolling for your website. ...
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Why is it that in folder structure used for Websites generally Web Pages are on same level of hierarchy as additional content related to them?

It is about keeping the root tidy as much as anything, but also keeping an easy structure to follow For example, I tend to keep images in root/data/images, because then I only have a single /data ...
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do text ads count as backlinks?

According to Matt Cutts (the Google alter ego) the url text with no link it does not count as link:
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