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How do you serve Jekyll pages with gzip compression on GitLab Pages?

GitLab Pages will serve pre-compressed .gz files that exist alongside uncompressed equivalents. A general solution that should work with most static publishing systems is to put this as the last step ...
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4 votes

A way to exclude Jekyll from some pages on Github?

You'd want to make use of the exclude directive in your_config.yml file. Have a look at Jekyll's global configurables. Exclude directories and/or files from the conversion. These exclusions are ...
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2 votes

How to connect my custom domain to

I see the question is rather old, but anyway, The name of your repository should be "", not "repositoryname" Github documentation you want to follow step by ...
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SEO: Does redirect using Status 200 provide accurate Signals to Google?

You actually have two redirects in place, only one of which is a "real" redirect: Firstly, the server is sending your request from /canine-chronicles (technically, a file without an ...
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1 vote

SEO: Does redirect using Status 200 provide accurate Signals to Google?

I have had meta refresh redirects both work and not work. Ultimately you're going to have to test it. I understand your concern though, considering that even the Google documentation plays it safe ...
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1 vote

How to control RSS feed access to my blog

Jekyll provide a basic RSS feed syntax which should assist. To use an RSS file in Jekyll, create a file called feed.xml in your root directory and add the following: --- layout: null --- <?xml ...
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1 vote

Indexed, not submitted in sitemap

The frequency you set is a requested recommendation. Indexers do not guarantee to crawl your site if they feel they know better (i.e. low traffic, infrequent updates will result in less frequent ...
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1 vote

Is it insecure to have your Google Analytics tag visible publicly?

Google Analytics tags are already public (very public, in fact), so there's no need to keep it secret. Since you're using Jekyll, the Google Analytics tag that you put in _config.yml will be included ...
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1 vote

Long tail physical product marketing: is Wordpress suitable?

In my opinion and experience, the best way to deal with long tail is to tie longtail keywords on category pages. If you try to go with an own landing page for a long tail keyword you quickly risc an ...
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1 vote

I forked the "minimal mistakes" Jekyll template, but it does not look like the original

I have never used minimal-mistakes, but it seems like this is a template, so you only have the "skeleton" of the website: It is up to you to put content inside. The design and layout seem to be ...
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1 vote

What file permissions should I set before I give website project folder to hosting service?

My question is what file permissions should I set for the files in this folder before I submit it to the hosting service in order to avoid problems with security, access, other things? There are ...
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