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Does Bing execute Javascript when crawling and indexing web pages (like Google)?

As of 2018, the Bing Team clarified that bingbot is generally able to render JavaScript. They do recommend detecting the bingbot user agent and prerendering the content on the server side and ...
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Can bots create click events?

This is false. People can write bots using python libraries such as Selenium which allows the bot to fully render a page (JS and all) and click all the onscreen elements. They can also mimic keyboard ...
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External stub links vs on-click partial page replacement for SEO

Most modern search engines use natural language processing, (NLP), to determine user or search intent. Looking at new pages to be added to the index through the lens of what is working with the pages ...
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Custom "cookie solution"

Your question is unclear. Cookies is simply a variable/token which is passed between the web client and the server so the server knows who it is talking to. If you use Google properties then Google ...
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Google is accidently indexing query string URL parameters and causing my website bandwidth increase

Bots (or anyone) can add query parameters to your URLs, and they will probably still function (unless you've specifically forced it to not work), so there's no purpose in trying to stop that. Even ...
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