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Spammers can use botnets to hit your site. A botnet is a collection of internet devices that have been commandeered by a hacker. The largest botnets have tens of millions of devices in them (source). When somebody controlling a botnet wants to spam your site, they can use the devices from their botnet, each of which has its own IP address. So while not ...


What's likely happening is the bot is trying to determine which cards are valid. Have you looked into Wordfence? I don't expect it will solve your problem but it will likely significantly mitigate it because it has a blacklist. If you have appropriate access, You should also look at the log files for something common and unique. It might be there is ...


Like davidgo said once you change your domain's nameservers to Cloudflares' and activate the CDN your hosting IP will be covered. If you are still worried I recommended using Cloudflare Pro.


If Cloudflare Proxy is in use, you are pointing your DNS to Cloudflare, so this very action prevents people from seeing where you are hosting your website. So the only thing to do is to ensure there is nothing in your zone file which leaks this information through a related subdomain.

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