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Is there a rule that prevents CAs from issuing certificates for private networks (intranets)?

There is a rule adopted in 2012 by the CA/Browser Forum that prohibits certificate authorities from issuing SSL certs for internal names. All certificates for internal names issued beforehand were ...
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How to restrict web site/intranet access to company network?

Step 1: Require a Login Add a login page in front of any content you don't want accessed externally. This will also help stop anybody visiting your office and using your WiFi from getting in. This is ...
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What is a .dom extension?

You know a .com? Well that, but now it says .dom. You just think it's weird because you've heard .com a lot which makes it sound normal, but on a technical level, they're similar. There used to be ...
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Is a cookie prompt needed for European company websites used only internally?

This guidance (Guidance on the rules on use of cookies and similar technologies) from ICO(UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights) has a part related to the intranet: How do ...
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Which CMS do you suggest to manage the members of a club?

You could certainly use WordPress, there are several reservation system plugins. A quick search and I found Restaurant Reservations -- which would cover the whole table management part. It has add-ons ...
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Getting mediaWiki to work intranet on IIS

Note that Webpage not Available is not necessarily the same as page not found. I am guessing that it is finding the site but you are having another site issue. First try to add a simple hello world ...
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