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In 2020, are browserconfig.xml and ieconfig.xml now effectively deprecated?

2021 here, Concerning deprecation As long as there are people using agents that support this (i.e. mainly IE11), Browser configuration will remain semi-relevant, or at least usable. Microsoft ...
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Can I omit the domain name for href in the HTML base tag?

No. The href must point to an absolute URI. Relative is not allowed on a base element. This attribute specifies an absolute URI that acts as the base URI for resolving relative URIs. The HTML5 ...
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In 2020, are browserconfig.xml and ieconfig.xml now effectively deprecated?

It's been a month since I asked this, so I thought I'd rummage around the internet some more and see what I could come up with. browserconfig.xml According to this Microsoft Page: Browser ...
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How can I test my site in IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft provides, freely and without registration, virtual machines for: IE8 on Win7 IE9 on Win7 IE10 on Win7 IE11 on Win7 IE11 on Win81 Edge on Win10 For the following platform: VirtualBox ...
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Internet Explorer take very long time to answer with 80MB response

I suggest you don't put 20.000 rows of data on the screen. My very basic workstation will crash because of the amount of data, regardless of the browser. 80MB is a lot, especially if it's html! ...
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URL fragments (hash) append to page title automatically

Yes, it's possible to overwrite the page title. You just need to write a JS function to parse the title string (eg. split by #) and then to return that value into the "title" field in GTM:
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Web page stopped working correctly (with a publisher error). What might be wrong?

This happens if Internet Explorer is not configured to let you install unverified software. A quick and dirty fix for the problem is to open up the internet options window and select custom level for ...
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