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Stop any search engine from indexing/crawling images in a dedicated folder in wp

In your robots.txt file, assuming this folder is at the root, include the following: User-agent: * Disallow: /donotindex/ ... The ellipsis on line 3 simply stands in for any other Disallow or Allow ...
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Using shortened URLs instead of direct links on media hosting - will this affect site performance?

Any web property resolution involving a third party like a URL shortener will have an impact on performance. Ref: The decision to use one or not ...
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Stop any search engine from indexing/crawling images in a dedicated folder in wp

The easiest way to prevent browsing the folder is to add an index.html file to the directory, say the minimum valid html page with text saying "browsing this directory not welcome". If you ...
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shrinking image sizes from the server command line?

I don't believe this question is really related to "webmasters". But there are aspects influencing SEO. The easiest thing you can do is apply for a free plan at and optimize the ...
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Is using external web-hosting a good solution for holding images to be used for hot-linking from other sites?

Like closetnoc commented on your original post, if you're going to be uploading thousands of photos for use on external websites with the desire to manage them yourself, using a CDN or a service like ...
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Blurred images on Windows

AFAIK it is not something you can fix as webmaster. Responsible for this behavior, and its fixing, is this Chrome setting:
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Send a different image from my web host if it was already requested by an IP address?

You request image.php (not image.png) and ensure the returned result includes the header Content-Type:image/png so it is processed as an image. You can set the header in php with header("Content-...
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