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Honestly, I would say no. If the information stays the same (SEO content) it shouldn't affect it. page content can change but meta information could stay the same and provide good SEO info.


Double slashes are usually caused by redirect rules. For example RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L] could cause the double slash. The regular expression's parenthesis might be returning /filename.html for the $1 variable. The two slashes come from one from the match and the one hard coded. To make this redirect work as expected, ...


So far, I found only two solutions: (1) Use ħ instead of ℏ - i.e., &#295; instead of &hbar; The Firefox development team is working on an improvement as well. (2) Another option is to use: <span style="font-size-adjust:0.54">&hbar;</span> which yields the correct size.


Your page appears to use the Google web fonts "Open Sans" and "Crimson Text". Neither of those fonts has a glyph for ℏ as tested by Google's tool: There are a couple Google fonts that support the ℏ character. Scrolling through I see "Noto" (several serif and sans-serif variants) and "Arimo". If you want this ...

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