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Alright, I managed to solve it. I know that "one size fits all" is not the case with malware. I asked for extra thoughts as someone might have a hint how to approach it as I'm well informed and capable of dealing with these situations through the years. After numerous failed attempts to search various strings, trying to encode few words in hex and ...


To code you asked about is not html - I assume its part if some kind if framework and is its own scripting language/pseudo language. --- layout: archive title: "News" permalink: /news/ author_profile: true --- {% include base_path %} {% for post in reversed %} {% include archive-single.html %} {% endfor %} The pseudocode ...


Added the code still got error on "about:blank" Then changed to code below: No more error message from Chrome Developer Tool. <link rel="shortcut icon" href="#">

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