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cloudflare free vs ModSecurity on Linux shared hosting

I'd talk to your host about whitelisting certain URLs for ModSecurity. i.e. keep it on, but with modifications. It looks like an OAuth redirect (Google login) triggers the problem you are having. ...
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Custom domain GitHub and HostGator

You do not need to change the DNS. If you did that, the CNAME and A records would be pushed to be handled by Github, and that is not how it works. Add a CNAME file to your repository in the GitHub ...
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How to bulk delete email accounts from cPanel / my hosting account?

To improve the answer provided by Brock Adams. At this time the /usr/local/cpanel/cpanel-email command doesn't work as it should, at least not for me. So I had to use the UAPI function for this ...
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I'm using PHP 7.1 but Hostgator says they are on 5.4, and Cron throws an error

I have discovered that you can specify the version of PHP that cron should use like so: /opt/php56/bin/php -q /home/userna5/public_html/testcron.php thanks to this tutorial. All is now working as ...
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Will Changing Nameservers Mess up Existing MX Records?

If you change the nameservers away from the current Godaddy to HostGator (or other) then the Godaddy records will not be being used. So yes if you change the nameservers those records will be gone. ...
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How can someone know that two different domains were owned by the same person?

It is easy to find out what websites are running on the same server. There are many tools that can easily give you this information: websites on same server lookup. All you need to do is enter one ...
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"Invalid response" when returning a HTTP 404 page via Cloudflare

It turns out that the problem was how I was generating the response headers. I'm using the Slim PHP framework, and a custom error handler middleware. It looked like this: class ErrorResponseHandler {...
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Problem with HostGator addon domain

If you added on a domain name, make sure the domain is officially registered, and DNS is set properly and propagation is completed (usually about 24 to 48 hours). You can call via live ...
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