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Lost Referrer with New Google Analytics Account After Region Redirect in SPA with window.location.href

There are at least two viable things you could do to fix it. One would be rewriting your redirect to something that would preserve the referrer. I would suggest moving the redirecting logic to backend ...
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How do I send a file_download event to google analytics? shows how to do it. The general case from there is: gtag('event', 'aaa', { 'event_category' : 'bbb', 'event_label' : '...
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1 vote

Using Google Analytics for Google business website

Last I checked the free Google Business Sites are not compatible with Google Analytics tracking
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In Google Analytics, when sending an event, do I need to send "page_path" or does it automatically get it from the last "page_view"?

page_location is automatically sent on all events. I don't see page_path being sent at all but it is available in some reports including the analysis hub. I tested a few events and saw it was set. ...
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1 vote

How to separate 2 different types of search events in my Google Analytics data?

I'd like to propose Option #3: GA's dedicated search tracking with Search Category set. This will give you the four reports under Behavior > Site Search and allow you to analyze search behavior as ...
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