Googlebot now executes JavaScript and can automatically crawl and render pages on client side rendered sites. It sounds like you are already doing so, but to let the crawler do its job you need to: Create a separate URL for each piece of content on your site. Google needs to be able to send visitors directly to the content they searched by directing ...


According to the official documentation, Googlebot always crawls using either the googlebot.com or google.com domains. It's worth mentioning that the documentation also recommends using a reverse DNS lookup on the bot's IP to fully verify the bot's authenticity.


Your page is having "Translate this page" issue and Google is showing it for the both links which are indexed in Google. You need to fix that. For more info related to that, follow this post https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/5043/how-can-i-prevent-google-mistakenly-offering-to-translate-a-page[![enter image description here]1]1

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