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Site dropped from 1st to 30th after moving hosts and changing to PHP

It seems like you've realized this, but requesting that Google removes your URLs from search probably caused a major SEO hit. Effectively you were instructing Google to remove your site from their ...
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How to handle subtagline on landing page, above the fold, for mobile, without getting penalized by Google?

Minor point: don't say "visibility: hidden". This still allocates space for the text, and then makes that area blank. I'm really not sure what this is good for. Another minor point: It's not ...
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Invite to someone's Google Analytics Account

It turns out I actually needed to obtain the user's credentials and add their account before the google invite could actually take me to their account.
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Chrome "About this page" is incorrect?

That's odd... The "About this page" info in Chrome usually pulls from the structured data on your site or from Google's databases. It might be showing outdated details. Try checking your ...
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