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Is it possible to make your website to be searchable with specific keywords?

NO. Webmasters can't definitively do anything to force Googles search to behave a certain way. The best they can do is follow best practices for the moment and provide data optimized in a way that ...
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Incorrect rendering of site name under google videos

When you do a search for 'Ropes & Gray' in Google Video search, the first item that pops up is the hero video on the homepage. This item is correctly showing the '&' rather than the html ...
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I removed the 404 pages from GSC "Removals" tool. After that can I add robots meta tag in HTML code for permanently removing the pages

You need to make sure your pages are true 404 pages, that is, that they return the HTTP 404 status code. You can use a tool like httpstatus to do check the status code of your URLs. If your pages are ...
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