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yes and no, yes because the library script is still accessible, but slow, no because the entire UI is blocked in China. http://www.chinaweboptimization.com/2018/03/google-analytics-gtm-blocked-china/


To answer perfectly, I'd need to know: What are the details of the custom event you have triggering this and the custom event you have as an exception? Are these custom events going to be affected by any AJAX/Lazy Loading you're implementing? However, you can simplify things. Instead of your custom events, trigger the Custom HTML tag using the DOM Ready ...


Of course, you can. It's as simple as creating the tags in Google Tag Manager and set up those events in Google Analytics as Goals. However, in this scenario, you can send the data to Analytics as events or virtual pageviews. As events, you can check them in the event's report and as virtual pageviews, you can work with them as usual URLs inside Analytics. ...

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