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4 votes

Is there an A/B testing feature in GA4?

It's my interperteation that since sunsetting Google Optmize, there will be no native A/B testing platform within Google Analytics 4. If you wish to A/B test, they will provide integration with the ...
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2 votes

Edit Experiment Name in Google Optimize

Yes, you can. In the DETAILS tab, on the right there is a sidebar-pane. When you click the grey pencil behind 'Experiment information' there you can edit the experiment name.
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1 vote

How to Change the Title & Meta Desc Tags in Visual Editor of Google Optimize?

You can't use Google Optimize (or any other on-page based A/B testing frameworks) to do A/B testing for SEO. A/B testing for SEO has to be done in a fundamentally different way. A/B testing for users ...
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