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Emails from [email protected] - are they genuine?

I've encountered such emails many time, I do this, if you can find the same domain and TLS certification then, you've got email from a legit source.
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Emails from [email protected] - are they genuine?

EDIT: Alright, there definitely ARE some weird things in those emails though. Like the second picture you post said the deadline was 3/18/2018? A year ago? And the 3rd one said "follow these steps", ...
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Is it possible to show the hours from google maps on a website, so that the website hours updates when we update google maps?

Google does not make this easy, however you can scrape it with the following php code. First you need the "place id", you can get this using this tool: ...
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Google custom search API giving a 405 error for a post request

I was posting the wrong kind of json took me days to solve but I got it google custom search only excepts get requests to the url.
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Is it possible to show the hours from google maps on a website, so that the website hours updates when we update google maps?

If you have a Google Places place_id and API key, the following URL will return the hours as a JSON object. Just be sure to replace "YOUR_PLACE_ID" with your actual Google Places place_id and "...
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1 vote

How can i create Google Maps API key (Maps, Routes, Places)?

In order to create an api key, you should to go and log in with your account. Create a new project and proceed to activate the APIs you need.
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Will Google allow the use of the Translation API for powering a game?

Back when Google still had the free Translate API there where terms which would have made this against the rules as the terms stated that it was for the purpose of translating source content to an ...
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1 vote

Are search query statistics broken in the Google Analytics API?

You are looking at the wrong report in Google Analytics. You are looking at the Acquisition -> Search Console -> Queries report. This report is powered by data from Google Search Console. To get ...
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Does Google's own bot contribute to my Google Maps API fees?

Yes. At the end of August, a 20-fold increase in the Googlebot crawl rate pushed my site into the paying band for the Maps API. Three days of being monstered cost me €174. Fish in a barrel?
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Google Places API - Place ID refresh

Approximately a week and a half.
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