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Does AdSense penalise AI generated content

AdSense approval is a manual process so it really depends on the reviewer. There would be too many false positives if they tried to determine if content was written by GPT. The reviewers are mostly ...
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Does AdSense out-of-the-box GDPR message work with GA4?

It looks like Google Analytics and Adsense adhere to TCF v2.0 which is a standard for consent management. According to this documentation if ...
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How can I track multiple custom channels in a single AdSense ad unit?

Although it's not documented, you can ad multiple ad channels to a single ad unit by separating with channel IDs with the + symbol: data-ad-channel="1234+5678+9012"
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Cannot verify my website for Google Adsense

Adsense requires you demonstrate control of the domain. Control of all sub-domains is then assumed. The TLD is .fm not therefore it is the domain that must be verified. Once a domain is ...
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Is it normal for revenue to drop heavily when using AdSense default GDPR message?

I eventually figured out what caused the bad consent rate stat. In the AdSense Privacy and messaging section you can set up purposes for your own use. This impacts what users see when they click ...
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Why do my links require two taps on iOS when using AdSense?

To prevent the issue of links requiring two taps when integrating AdSense: Check for JavaScript conflicts. Use asynchronous AdSense loading. Review ad placement/layout. Test on various devices/...
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