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Different cPanel physical memory usage with free -m and top terminal command

If this is Cloudlinux cPanel the physical memory might be being taken up by the users disk cache as noted here. You can check your disk cache by doing the following where XXX is your user ID and ...
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Is subscription worth it to keep theme updated?

If you are going to buy a premium theme for WordPress (or any theme/template for any CMS), you are better off buying one from a developer who has a track record of updating the theme as WordPress ...
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How can I send emails linking to an anonymous website without them being classified as spam?

You should check the header of the email, to see why it is classified as spam. While it could be that the link to a specific website contributes to the spam-classification, there should be other ...
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Do banner ads make my website a commercial website?

Many organisations that provide creative commons content make distinctions between commercial websites which are built specifically to make a profit and sites which simply have a few ads on the pages ...
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