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If you run a Lighthouse Audit in Chrome, under the "Document doesn't use legible font sizes" report it will show you the exact CSS selector that is causing the small text issue, and the source of the offending CSS.


The intermittency could simply be caused by field data of a few users who's browser portal is small or by periodic changes to Google's algorithm. Have you looked at the page using your browser's developer tools and various window sizes? I've found that if I try the various portal sizes, I can usually spot the problem. When I look at your page with the ...


I still haven't found a clear answer for making icon links easily crawlable, however using JSON-LD the schema validators at least show the search engines will see the schema if you set it up correctly and know the name of the icon link that way. As far as accessibility, all you need to do is add an aria-label to your icon link and screen readers will see it. ...

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