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Can I upgrade my cPanel or File Manager on Shared Hosting?

It's simple... you can't... talk to hostgator since you don't have root and its them your paying.
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Noob question - regarding images on webserver not loading when URL is typed, but do when clicked from link on index html

The problem you are having is related to case sensitivity on a unix filesystem, as well as an incorrect file extension. In your HTML you have the filename thisWeek.png however you are linking to ...
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Where are API keys stored in cPanel file manager?

In cpanel go to the security section and you should find Manage API tokens but this is marked as "Warning: The API Tokens feature is experimental." There is more information at cPanel API ...
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How to save the HTML of a website

You aren't an owner of the domain or hosting account are you? Otherwise you'd use FTP client to download it. If you want to save a public web page then: 1. File / Save as "Page Source", "Web page - ...
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How to save the HTML of a website

Besides the most simple solution of saving the webpage from your browser (typically with CTRL+S, there are many apps to download all the website files to your computer, so can navegate them offline, ...
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