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It is still somewhat effective. I have one page on my website that has my email address on it. That email address is unique to that page and I don't use it elsewhere. That page: Uses JavaScript and HTML entity obfuscation for the email address Doesn't use a mailto: link (you have to copy and paste the email address from text on the page) Is disallowed by ...


It depends on the bot. JavaScript certainly still makes a difference (I'd say the majority of bots don't parse JavaScript), but there are no doubt some bots that can parse it.


Your emails are not being delivered because your SPF record is currently set to disallow all outgoing mail. Major email services rely on heuristics other than SPF to detect unwanted mail such as content matching and machine learning, but smaller providers are more likely to take your SPF record at its word and reject all email from your domain. So your ...

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