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0 should have an SPF record in order to pass authentication check and header from domain should be equal or aligned with in order to pass DMARC check


There is no way to prevent someone to spoof your address. The sender information shown in e-mails (the From: field) can be spoofed easily. But usually, mail clients (like gmail) have logic to detect which email is spoofed or not. Maybe your email account hosting been locked because you detected as a spoofer, to prevent this just use the email from field ...


SVG contains disallowed references You can download on Agari's own BIMI logo, check file content and make sure that your one also looks similar -> Insufficient DMARC Policy for BIMI change "p=reject; pct=1; sp=none" to "p=reject". applying "reject" to 1% is not enough for ...

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