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3 votes

So is Cloudflare now setting up HTTPS for websites?

Yes cloudflare gives free SSL to all paid and free customers. The things you need to do is. Add your CNAME or A records in your cloudflare DNS pannel. So if you're using www subdomain then make sure ...
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Verifying that a user is from a certain country

Here is a simple thought, when signing up have a field that that forces them to pick from one of the selected countries you speak of. The reality is, anyone that is criminal minded will have no ...
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2 votes

Can an XML sitemap have Drupal permalink URLs instead of alias URLs?

the question and the answer are pretty obvious - there is nothing tricky or ambiguous. Google has some clear sitemap guidelines meaning, that sitemap should contain: only urls answering with result ...
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Why does the SDTT tell me that the image field is missing?

The error the SDTT reports is only for getting Google’s Article rich result. If you don’t want to get the rich result, you can ignore the error. For getting Google’s Article rich result, the value ...
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Facebook thumbnail of my wordpress website disappear after a while. Any idea why?

I inspected your page That image is an html img tag that points at an https url that stores your image. <img class="scaledImageFitWidth img" src="
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1 vote

How can I confirm if my security review request has been submitted properly in Google Search Console?

You can not confirm that your submit was correct other than the message you received when you sent it. That's the normal procedure. Right now, the process could take weeks: Reviews for sites hacked ...
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1 vote

Find visitors source(google source) who completes lead generation form?

You can create a "Goal" for filling out the form. An easy way to do it is make the goal a "destination goal" of the URL of the thank you page for filling out the form. Then when you look at the Goal ...
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1 vote

Is it bad for SEO to create a website without a domain (just on an IP address)?

Is it bad for SEO to create a website without a domain (just on an IP address)? Search Engines always suggests you to create websites that are easy to use and serve the content/services that the ...
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1 vote

How to redirect all url to https except one?

# Go to http if you are on firmware RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !80 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/firmware$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L] This code should redirect /firmwire ...
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1 vote

shrinking image sizes from the server command line?

I don't believe this question is really related to "webmasters". But there are aspects influencing SEO. The easiest thing you can do is apply for a free plan at and optimize the ...
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How can I redirect %26 in URLs to %2526 using a .htaccess rule?

I had similar problem where the the '&' was incorrectly rewritten by the mod_rewrite. The B flag solved it: B (escape backreferences) The [B] flag instructs RewriteRule to escape non-...
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1 vote

Piwik not recording visits on VPS server accessible through 1:1 NAT conversion

Make sure you use a FQDN while it should work with an IP address it has never worked in my experience. Also make sure that you've added it to the website code correctly. I used firefox's developer ...
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1 vote

Drupal website having problems with SSL install

If you call an image with http and you apply SSL/TLS on the domain, the domain is going to be "semi-secured" because some assets called over the SSL/TLS. I know on WordPress that there are plugins ...
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Get Cloudflare working with SSL on site running Drupal?

If you want your site only to be accessible via HTTPS then you use strict, use .htaccess or Cloudflare to redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. Strict will not work correct if you have not ...
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