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It is important to keep in mind that even gTLDs are not all governed the same. For instance legacy extensions like .com/.net are subject to contracts + DOC oversight. So the registries are not free to set prices at will or apply differential pricing (make 'premium' domains more expensive to register or renew). On the other hand so-called nTLDs (new top ...


Also, registries paid a lot of money for the rights to a gTLD. They are trying to recoup their outlay plus make a profit that covers their running costs. If a domain extension isn't likely to be all that popular e.g. .dealer, the cost per registration is going to be higher. Aside: I imagine all the very cool .dealer domains are gone...they have to do ...


how those domains prices get establish? There is nothing to understand. Registries decide the price of their premium domain names based on what they want and how much they think they should cost that is how much they think people are prepared to pay for them (technically, for a registry, any single name is exactly like any other, it means that the cost to ...


Make sure you're adding your TXT record to www as Google wants, not just to the bare domain.

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