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What are the technological factors involved in backordering a domain?

what are the factors involved in thr domain being won by registrar A and not B? Luck. Or sheer force. Or many other factors that no one will discuss publicly, for obvious reasons (multi-million ...
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How to backorder domain

You need to have access to a registrar API to accomplish this. I have a script that does it, but it is only semi automatic. I have to edit it and insert domain and registrant details every time I ...
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Domain Auction: bidding against myself?

Well, I guess a double congrats is in order! It sounds like if you don't do anything whichever account you backordered the domain from first will get it. I would recommend contacting Snapnames and/or ...
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Is placing a backorder with GoDaddy and DomainMonster enough to avoid a public domain auction?

The answer is, no, placing a backorder with GoDaddy for a domain that they currently hold does not guarantee they will catch the name. The domain I wanted to buy dropped yesterday, and was picked up ...
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What are the technological factors involved in backordering a domain?

To further elaborate on the selected answer, the famous dropcatchers typically own hundreds of registrars, to increase the number of connections to the registry (eg: Verisign) and increase the odds of ...
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