It usually comes down to trust and guaranteed delivery. You don't pay 3rd party companies like Mailchimp or other to send emails, you pay them because they guarantee a very high rate of email delivery. It would be difficult to match this on a self hosted solution for various reasons. If you are using shared hosting and tied to IP addresses that your host ...


You can send to mailing lists from your server. Mailman desperately needs an update for the 21st century web, but it does the job and is open source. It is part of cpanel if you are using that.


Analog gave you a comprehensive answer. In two words: IP reputation. The takeaway is that not all IP addresses are equal in terms of reputation. If you send from a residential connection using a big, national ISP your delivery rate could suffer, given that the overall volume of spam recorded from that ISP is usually going to be somewhat significant. There ...

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