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I searched a lot, and came up with these steps to get rid of the extra CSS and Javascript offered by Blogger, which is hidden from the "Edit HTML" section. Before implementing these, please make sure to save a backup of XHTML code for your blog. Add b:css='false' b:js='false' just after <html. First empty CDATA to make it look like <b:skin&...


<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" /> The problem will be that you are linking to an HTTP (non-encrypted) resource from an HTTPS (encrypted) page. When viewing the HTTPS page (possibly after an initial redirect) then the browser will block any requests for HTTP ...


Styling any tag in an attempt to manipulate SEO performance is a bad thing. Styling any tag so it looks nice on your page is not a bad thing. Basically, the rule is - if you are putting keywords in <strong> or <h1> (or even <abbr>) tags and then reducing the visual emphasis of these through CSS, and then using other words in whatever takes ...


No - using CSS will not hurt your SEO. IF you do not use it heavily to fool search engines.

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