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Auto ads are designed to ignore all your CSS and insert the ads in a consistent way across different sites. There is no way to control the position or margins of auto ads. If you want more control of your ads, then you should disable auto ads and use traditional ad placements. See Ad placement and how to create it - AdSense Help for instructions on how to ...


Although, not a primary ranking factor, we would recommend that you clean them up so there are no 404s or missing pages. If an auditing software can detect these errors, then you can bet that Google can, too.


Googlebot will see the lazy loaded content after it has been loaded onto the correct page. The page will be taken as a whole once any lazy loaded content or dynamic content has been loaded as Google will evaluate the page as the end user would see it. All that having the exclusion in your robots.txt file will do is prevent Google from listing the endpoint ...

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