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What does "Require all granted" on Directory / (root) REALY means? (Apache 2.4 on CentOS7

This is an issue I've ran into a few times & it stems from a change in terminology from Apache 2.2 to Apache 2.4 (detailed here). Access control options that were previously addressed with 'Order ...
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3 votes

Error when pruning WHM backups sent offsite via FTP

The FTP server is a Windows Server 2012 machine. It was configured to use ms-dos style directory listings for FTP. ms-dos FTP listing are not compatible with the external backup transport in WHM. ...
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3 votes

Website not working when adding .htaccess

I haven't checked the syntax on the rules, but my first reaction is that the comments look wrong. Try replacing the two forward slashes with a hash mark and make sure the # is the first character on ...
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3 votes

HTTP website redirect all except 1 file to https

If it were me; I would set up to give the http its own directory and redirect anything that would be a 404 to the https using the .htaccess of http location. This keeps things easy to understand for ...
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2 votes

Configure Apache to redirect all requests to index.html?

I do mine with a .htaccess file. In the DocumentRoot for the site, I create the .htaccess file and it in goes RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{...
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2 votes

AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine server's fully qualified servername error after creating VirtualHost

The problem is with the line ServerName localhost.localdomain in adorkable.conf. The entire server is running on localhost.localdomain. You should use your actual domain name in your VirtualHost ...
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2 votes

CPanel Rearrange account can't find home2

I've contacted CPanel's support. The problem was you need to setup 2 variables in En WHM -> Server Configuration -> Basic WebHost ManagerĀ® Setup, HOMEMATCH and HOMEDIR I was changing just the ...
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2 votes

Build PHP for DirectAdmin using custombuild from alternative sources

Because I couldn't find any alternative sources so I decided to try the approach 2: Can I just download PHP from, put it in custombuild directory then run ./build ...
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1 vote

Pagespeed Virtual Host Configuration

CSS, JS, images: These are all static files, and as you say you are using Plesk, these are normally processed by Nginx and not by Apache. So such requests will never be addressed by the rules that you ...
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1 vote

Moving https website from server A (CentOS 7) to server B (CentOS 8) - what do I need to do regarding certificates?

It sounds to me very much like you have not enabled and configured NGINX to listen on port 443 (and I'm guessing you have not told it where to find the certs either).
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1 vote

How to create socket dynamically on lighttpd server?

See the documentation for "min-procs" "min-procs" => 0 is an option.
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1 vote

Lighttpd - configure multiple PHP versions

You can configure lighttpd to run multiple fastcgi servers and to send traffic to one or the other based on conditions. fastcgi.server += ( ".php" => (( "host" => "127.0....
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1 vote

Performance: 10.000 files in one folder vs. 10.000 files in several folders

To add to Rob's point, directories/folders are for user convenience. Although, the term folder is used by Windows, it was also used by the Mac OS in the early 90's, when Windows 3.x was still using ...
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1 vote

VirtualHosts Not Working - Apache - CentOS 6

First issue is that you've set both of your VirtualHost configs to use DocumentRoot /home/website/public_html -- one should be /home/webapp/public_html. Next issue sounds like DNS, you mention adding ...
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1 vote

.htaccess rewrite rules working on Mac Apache 2.2 but not on CentOS Apache 2.4

So I eventually worked this out by going line to line changing redirects to to see which worked and which didn't. Any patterns in the .htaccess that had a matching php file wouldn'...
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1 vote

HTTPS request connection timeout (NGINX)

Issue resolved after installing firewall-cmd and adding a rule for port 443.
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1 vote

VirtualHost add sub domain?

There's lot's more on Apache configuration over at StackOverflow. Like you I've done very little in the config files, so apologies if this is not much use. Not entirely sure this answers your ...
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1 vote

Parse Python script on Apache virtual host

I didn't use mod_python yet, but it seems to me that the script is expected to return (rather than print) the text to be served, and to contain an index function to accomplish this. If you don't ...
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1 vote

Website redirects to the default cPanel error page in specific countries

This sounds like an issue with passing the domain name requested in the request header. The only reason why the default page will show is if the request header does not identify which domain name is ...
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