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.htaccess redirect from HTTP to HTTPS and add canonical

This should be able to redirect your non-https traffic to https. Following resource at can be more helpful. RewriteCond %...
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Canonicalize products to category?

No, the role of canonicalization is pointing URLs that are mostly similar to a proper canonical one. That's not the case here. Determine what makes a product "so-so" vs "top" and ...
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SEO management in Google Search Console for a non-english version of a website

Search Console will look at all the URLs branching from the root. I'm not sure that adding a specific URL within the same domain would achieve anything.
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Client's Website Was Hacked and 316K Fake URLs Submitted to GSC

Here are some steps / guidance: The URLs must return a 404 or 410 status to clean up the site. Do not block the crawlers' access via Robots.txt Use different tools to scan and verify the site is ...
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