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Look into "Application Initialization" IIS 7.5, Windows 2008 R2 (harder to setup) IIS 8, Windows 2012 App Initialization allow any application (application pool not site) restart to overlap and use the old, still running the previous application while warming up the new application start. Once the new application is spun up (determined by URLs you can set),...


There are a number of ways to handle what you're asking for, and a few different aspects to your question: Handle small updates for promotions What you're really after here is a content management system or similar that allows you to edit the content on the fly (think Wordpress/Drupal or from a .NET point of view N2 CMS, Umbraco, Orchard, etc.), however ...


I recommend you use Googlebot's fetch and render tool. It will show you exactly how Googlebot sees the webpage with your resx files and whether or not the resx script has an impact on Google's crawling service.


If you're going to use friendly URLs (which a fine idea), go all the way. Make sure that all links on your site use them, including the sitemap. Then, as Stephen touched on, either use 301 redirects or canonical tags so that if any crawlers visit your non-friendly URLs, they are pointed to the canonical page.


ASP.NET Event validation does provide some level of protection against some specific web security attacks. Request Validation, a feature included in ASP.NET 1.1, may not adequately sanitize hostile user-supplied input. ASP scripts that depend on Request Validation to sanitize user-supplied input may still be prone to cross-site scripting or HTML injection ...


Hiding ViewState is unlikely to be seen as cloaking, as ViewState wouldn't be seen as content. What exactly are your concerns with ViewState? If you are worried about the page speed then "cloaking" will not help you anyway. PageSpeed is measured by real visitors to your site who have the Google Toolbar. So my suggestion would be either to get rid of ...


Anybody can point a domain name to the IP address that you are using for your site. I also see DNS servers get the wires crossed occasionally and they think that other domain names point to my website when they actually don't. I would suggest putting a whitelist of domain names that you expect into that function. If the hostname isn't one of the ...


If it's not in the reference guide, you can't do this action with the API.

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