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This is called Scroll To Text Fragment, and arrived in Chrome 80. Here is the draft specification, and the original proposal. It seems to me that this is another feature that Google just added to Chrome without other browser vendors signaling any interest (like Portals, though that one never graduated from being a flag). Here is an article that calls Scroll ...


I solved it by creating a new API app (the resource I was trying to deploy to) and switching to it. Call it blue-green deployment if you want to feel better about using this hack.


Here's the documentation. You have to use origin, destination, and destination_place_id as the parameters. The destination parameter is required even if you're using a destination_place_id, but the destination_place_id takes priority. Here's a working example:,+New+...


You can check ClimaCell for this. They have pretty detailed forecasts for anyone working on Big Data or need historical forecasts. Their history API goes as back as 20 years. It's free for developers for a limit of 1000 calls per day which is more than enough for small-scale applications. If you go through their documentation they have legacy API in which ...

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