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Access website using hosts due to expired domain

I seem to have fixed the problem by disabling secure DNS on Chrome Settings >>> Privacy and Security >>> Security >>> Use Secure DNS This is apparently not allowing the ...
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How to have 2 servers, different paths with same domain?

Let's say you have your 2 servers, Server A and Server B with IP_A, IP_B respectively. The HTTP/HTTPS requests come through ports and using a basic router only ports can be forwarded to each of your 2 ...
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Are keeping longterm redirects necessary, to maintain SEO Trust?

Do you have access to the webserver logs? If so, you can see if those redirects are even being leveraged since they are so old. My thought would be to get rid of those links that aren't being accessed ...
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2 votes

Apache2 Only Showing Default Page/Unlimited Redirects

You're probably asking on the wrong site - serverfault would be a better place than this. It's not Apache returning the redirects, it's bitwarden. curl on the server will show ...
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AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally

Edit the following file with your favorite text editor as root, e.g.: sudo vim /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Go to the end of this file, and add this line: ServerName just before the VIM ...
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1 vote

How to have 2 servers, different paths with same domain?

Is this achievable through doing a proxy reverse on Server A or is there a better way of doing something like this without subdomains? Yes - this is a very common use case for a reverse proxy server. ...
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Why is there an /index folder that doesn't actually exist, and how to get rid of it

As suggested by MrWhite, MultiViews being enabled server-wide in the Apache configuration was in fact the problem. I've disabled it in .htaccess for now, and the non-existent pages are now through 404'...
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