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After further research, this article Add true user local time layer to Google Analytics data deals exactly with this question: Google Analytics reports on Account Level time (i.e. hour of day) and not User level time. It then explains a few solutions to get the hour-of-data with client timezone (blue), rather than the GA account timezone (red).


I did the analysis over the weekend on cost/benefit -- And I decided that because we are a sort of "cookie cutter" platform it made sense to automate the process of GA accounts. That being said, it is required that they all be moved to a single "master" account. What I did: Create "Master" account Create Accounts under master ...


Google Analytics does not have a 30 day limitation. You can choose a "custom" date range and choose whatever start and end you want over any time period. I personally think that the limited selection of dates available in the drop down is severely lacking. I use a custom page of date options for Google analytics that I created to link to a ...

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