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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of web content in search engines using an understanding of search engines' processes and algorithms. Also known as "natural" or "organic" search, it is distinct from paid web advertising.

The source will be your site url and it will offer good SEO value when it has been setup correctly as the above answer said. However make sure all the technical details and your website code or … custom resources in your website is compatible with CDN to avoid any SEO problems. (This will not happen commonly but do understand there is small chance for it since it was case with one of my clients …
answered Sep 29 '18 by Alston Antony
- A Luxury Hotel in Australia” then I can make it clear for Search Engines through on page SEO, Schema & Back links what is the brand name and what is the keyword. Also, the users when read this title they will know Hotel Sidney is the name. …
answered Oct 1 '18 by Alston Antony
content pages and also it may be ok if there is good ratio between actual posts and attachment pages. Also if you use WordPress then there is a solution where you can use "Yoast" seo plugin and it has …
answered Nov 5 '18 by Alston Antony
Usually date is got my three places in a web page by the search engines and both are invisible and only one is visible to normal user. Just view-able text label with date: It will easy to remove sin …
answered Oct 8 '18 by Alston Antony
This can be easily seen if you connect your site to google webmaster accounts for google and bing webmaster account for yahoo/bing. They will show the results under search queries. In tools such as A …
answered Oct 13 '18 by Alston Antony
These h1-h4 headings represent the logical heading structure which means there is nothing wrong, You can have a main heading and it can immediately follow it with subheading to categorize your section …
answered Sep 27 '18 by Alston Antony
pages which can negatively affect your SEO. However if you are looking to insert many tags to improve the User experience then you can nofollow and noindex the tags pages which will not cause any SEO … issues. TIP: If you use wordpress there are plugins such as All in One SEO & Yoast which options to noindex these type of pages automatically. …
answered Sep 30 '18 by Alston Antony
There is no clear cut instructions but this what we do for our clients who is already ranking. We will use same SEO plugin (no changes means rules also will stay same). Does not modify meta … & schema. Will try not change title tags & image file names wih alt tags. Finally keep an eye on keyword density for our targeted keywords. Keep an eye on other onpage SEO factors. There is a higher …
answered Nov 1 '18 by Alston Antony
Also even if the nofollow footer link does not offer any SEO value as the above answer said but keeping it can provide referral traffic (potential clients who are interested in the services we offer) & also improve brand awareness. …
answered Sep 29 '18 by Alston Antony
SEO and it will automatically detect spammy backlinks & good backlinks. Another good way to see whether any blackhat method is used is by the backlink’s anchor texts, frequency & trustability of source … website (SEO, email spam perspective)? If it’s has a bad history site-wise and backlink-wise then you need to decide whether you have the time & resources it takes to build the new trust, disallowing …
answered Sep 29 '18 by Alston Antony