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Google Inc. is an American multinational public corporation invested in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies.

votes Then I thought that this might be happening because I use Google's DNS to connect to the internet - and I didn't like the idea at all that Google would followed and tried out URLs that I type … same Google's IPs. Finally I enabled a VPN connection and re-tried with new secret URLs. This time only my requests were the ones to reach my Web Application - not Google proxy followed me. Conclusions are yours... …
answered Dec 28 '18 by FFrewin
One, two or even a few months sometimes isn't enough time for Google to update its index with changes in a website and start displaying results in the way the website owner is desiring. And it's not … only time what is needed, but thorough SEO work in all aspects. Now, regarding Google showing main links pages for a certain website like in your screenshot, it is Google that will decide when to …
answered Jun 21 '16 by FFrewin