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Google Inc. is an American multinational public corporation invested in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies.

if the rss feeds are referred to in the head section of the html or linked to in the body of the html google will discover them. (you can use: [ inurl:rss] to look if some of them … were indexed) and/or you can submit RSS as a sitemap kinda file via google webmaster tools, more about that see …
answered Oct 12 '10 by Franz
, google treats it as an (relative) URL and tries to crawl it. but hey, if you just have one or two or below half a million of such crawl errors, don't worry. it does not matter. if you have a few million crawl errors because of such strings, well do worry and change the strings. …
answered Feb 28 '11 by Franz
Hijax == sneaky Javascript redirects? only if they are intended as sneaky. Will I get banned from Google? if they are not sneaky, most probably not. a "penalty" is an editorial or semi … presume that your site is legit, so lets strike the word "penalty" and look at the technical implications of your solution. here is a short, simplified outline on how google processes your site see …
answered Apr 6 '11 by Franz
if you care about this topic, please read this great google paper ( april 2009 ) - read the complete paper, not only … the blogpost. from the paper ok, basically google struggled with the same question. they do not disclose how they determine value within the sitemap, but they mention the concept of a virtual link …
answered Nov 2 '10 by Franz