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A font is an electronic data file containing a set of glyphs, characters, or symbols such as dingbats. Although the term font first referred to a set of metal type sorts in one style and size, since the 1990s most fonts are digital, used on computers.

Increasing font speed by using a CDN Ideally you should be using custom fonts on a content delivery system, since Arno Pro is a commercial font by Adobe you should look into using there Typekit … factor in the size of the font library as fonts can vary in size from one font to another, especially if your serving these fonts locally. Caching your fonts You should ensure that your website is …
answered Oct 9 '14 by Simon Hayter
regardless of those indifference's the outcome should be same which is a good looking font. With the use of images or fonts your never get a identical like for like but what you should hope for is the outcome …
answered Mar 27 '14 by Simon Hayter
information CDN's use good LONG expires meaning the likelihood of them already having that on their computer is very high. If someone visits and then uses the same fonts then … that user will not need to re-download the fonts. Most browsers will prioritize WOFF2 and WOFF, these formats are already compressed. Firefox versions newer than 8 years fully support WOFF fonts
answered May 18 '18 by Simon Hayter
IF you want good accessibility then you should consider IE6 and IE7. Bootstrap has limited support in IE6 and IE7 - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari do not encounter this problem. It is important to note t …
answered Apr 12 '13 by Simon Hayter
The fonts on various websites should offer the same experience than any other operating systems, of course they are never pixel perfect since the rendering engines vary. But with this said it … with anti-aliased enabled on their fonts (ClearType), I recommend you read how to enable ClearType Fonts in XP. Also in regards of Digg working fine, this is most likely because they use a font …
answered Mar 24 '13 by Simon Hayter
The simple answer is... you can't... Browsers download font files by default by visiting your site as they need those files to be able to render your custom fonts. The font types eot, woff … , opentype and svg does not use any DRM protection, and as far as I know, no other font does for that matter... because of this you can't protect your fonts. You can however make it harder for them using, or …
answered Nov 5 '15 by Simon Hayter
Generally it's a very bad idea just to provide TTF fonts since some systems and browsers use certain types. For maximum compatibility you should be using .ttf, .otf, .eot, .woff and .svg files. A … solution to this is to convert the TTF fonts to all the other formats, lucky enough this is a simple task and just a matter of visiting a website and converting the fonts. It's worth noting that some …
answered Jan 29 '13 by Simon Hayter
online webfont generator. Web Font Formats: TrueType Fonts (TTF) OpenType Fonts (OTF) The Web Open Font Format (WOFF) The Web Open Font Format 2.0 (WOFF) SVG Fonts (SVG) Embedded OpenType Fonts (EOT … ) Licensing Problems The main issue with serving fonts isn't the technology but more so because the licensing of the font does not allow for free web use even if you have received the font free …
answered Mar 3 '17 by Simon Hayter