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JavaScript is a dialect of the standardized ECMAScript programming language, primarily used for scripting web-pages. Use this tag for questions regarding ECMAScript and its dialects/ implementations: JavaScript, JScript, etc., excluding ActionScript.

According to, data collected in 2007, 1.04% have it disabled in the EU, and 3.05% have it disabled in the US. The data … is a little old but if you look at the trend set from 2006 to 2007 the number of people with it disabled is going down. By now the numbers could be lower. Disabled JavaScript is really browser …
answered Jul 17 '10 by Ben Hoffman
in anticipation (this isn't a good idea). You can use JavaScript to lazy-load header and footers by loading the header and footer with all empty tags that have IDs and then load them later with … JavaScript. In general I wouldn't suggest doing this as it adds a lot of extra work and can make your page bigger. You will have extra JavaScript and you didn't really gain anything. What I would …
answered Oct 6 '10 by Ben Hoffman
gzip your files when you send them. This will make them even smaller Put Javascript that isn't required immediately at the bottom of the page so that it loads at the end. This will allow the user to … simplifies management of files Making JavaScript properly cache-able will yield big benefits. Wildcard domains (with multiple URIs) will allow more concurrent connections. Pre-fetching is not just for images/ …
answered Jul 15 '10 by Ben Hoffman
user experience. Using JavaScript tends to hurt you on SEO because webcrawlers cannot fully understand the intent of the JavaScript and so ignore it mostly. I think what you are looking for is a way …
answered Jul 21 '10 by Ben Hoffman
The MAC address is definitely not something you can get through a web portal unless a bug exists. If you can get someones MAC address you can change you own through some hardware/software tricks an …
answered Oct 20 '10 by Ben Hoffman
I think the most important thing is to make sure your sizes scale no matter if the user does it through a JavaScript widget you add or through a the browsers default support. As for adding it or not …
answered Jul 21 '10 by Ben Hoffman