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Zoho is an Online Office Suite, similar to Google Docs & Google Apps

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Transferring domain registration to new registrar and switching email hosting at the same time?

I need to transfer an existing domain that's currently with SiteGround to Porkbun. I also need to move the existing custom email addresses from SiteGround to Zoho Mail. I'm not sure if I should ...
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How many Emails can i send/receive in a day with Zoho mail lite subscription [closed]

I have purchased the mail lite subscription for 1 user which is the super admin user. How many emails can i send in a day with my mail lite plan.
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Events not showing in any view except Raw view?

For some reason some events sent from a Zoho CRM extension via Measurement protocol don’t appear in any views besides raw view (and that copying filters to raw views doesn’t seem to make a difference)....
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Can I use zoho mail with domain [email protected] without web server

I have a domain at I have zoho mail account for this domain. Is it possible to receive emails in my zoho account without having hosting?
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How to create email address which not affect when servers changing?

I change namservers almost every year because I change web hosting companies. I have plan to use Zoho for my emails. So how to create email address which not affect when servers changing? I mean ...
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I want to use email service of Zoho Mail with hosting server Hostinger for my custom domain. How do I do it?

For a small project of mine, for which really don't want to invest any cent, I want to host email services with my custom domain (let's assume l already own. The hosting service l'm ...
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How to avoid emails going through

I use as my email provider for [email protected]. In Gmail, if an email does not use DKIM, a red padlock is shown next to the "From" address (I think). I investigated why emails from me@...
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MX records for individual email addresses on GoDaddy?

I have an [email protected] address in Godaddy. I also created a couple email addresses in Zoho mail e.g. [email protected] and [email protected]. If I set up an MX record to point my user1 and ...
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Online Email client for a just a domain name with no associated hosting setup?

I have a domain name that has its CNAME and A record pointed to a Shopify site. I want to set up an email client to send and receive emails using my domain name. I have looked into Zoho but it ...
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