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Does Spartan/Edge from Windows 10 use the same rendering engine with IE11?

I decided to test the website I'm working on now in older versions of IE (such as IE 6, 7, 8) using the IE Developer Tools aka F12. When I opened the Emulation tab in the Dev Tools dialog to set the ...
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Multiple Website's - VPS Windows8 (IIS) - Domainname on

I have 3 domains on but i can only get one to work with my VPS. I think from what i have read so far the solution to my problem is i have to change my host files. I Know where its ...
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How can I tell if Windows 8 users have a tablet or PC

We have had some complaints from users who are using Windows 8. I'd like to use Google Analytics to review the behavior of users depending on whether they are using Windows 8 on a tablet or Windows 8 ...
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Is anyone restricted to use metro ui in websites?

I found metro User Interface will suit my website's look. I would like a tiled Dashboard with grouped items like Windows 8 start menu and button style and text style identical to metro user interface. ...
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Internet Explorer 10 aborting some stylesheets

Strange problem exhibited only with IE10 on Windows 8. No other IE version, no other OS version. Some stylesheets are aborted, apparently in transport, intermittently. This seems to happen when ...
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