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Questions tagged [whois]

WHOIS - Service that shows registrant of a domain name

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Is "Updated On" date on WHO.IS is affected by change in a DNS notes (changing servers)?

so the question is: Is "Updated On" date on WHO.IS is affected by change in a DNS notes (changing servers IP address)? Or "Updated On" is just about changing the registrar ...
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2 votes
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Offered equivalent .com domain to purchase, what is going on, and how to proceed?

A quick bit of background: I run a small (single person) software company, and operate under a domain that I have had for around 8 years. There has always been a .com domain of the same name, ...
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Search whois for .ai tld domains to avoid front running

Recently found a nice .ai domain name available for my project on NameCheap, but found that it had been registered when I went to purchase it the next day, with the owner asking me to "place a ...
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Domain registered through third party which is now defunct

A client's website is registered on a domain which has a protected whois. The website and domains were setup via a third party company which went under years ago but we are unsure if the company was ...
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Extracting Organization ID from WhoIs Query

I am trying to extract OrgId from whois query to detect malicious servers. whois | grep OrgId: | awk '{print $2}' But for some IPs there are multiple OrgId entries. whois ...
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How to hide `country` and other fields from a domain `whois` information which registrar is Squarespace?

Squarespace acquired Google Domains domains a few months ago. Not so happy about that, but this is another story. Now, a whois on my domains says for most fields Redacted for privacy which is good. ...
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Does a domain sale share the owner’s contact info?

I am selling a domain online and my registrar uses privacy protection which is automatically enabled. Behind the privacy protection, I have myself listed as all 3 contacts, along with my personal ...
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Domain been on clientHold, pendingDelete for 2 months, now is also redemptionPeriod

I've been tracking a certain domain on whois for the past month now. Expires on 2021-01-04 Updated on 2021-01-03 Status: clientHold, pendingDelete, redemptionPeriod The redemptionPeriod status only ...
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Privacy protection service (i.e. WhoisGuard) for registrars that don't support it?

I have a .com, .me and .info domain registered with a registrar that doesn't support WhoisGuard, and transferring to another registrar is not an option for me. According to my registrar, I am ...
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top-level domain registration: does "updating" imply a license extension (Whois report)?

I created a blog and I want to purchase a second level domain, that's to say I want to move from to -> I would like to register that domain with the .com extension ...
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